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Ferran Palau

Music Video 2020

Reflexe is a magical journey where our main character, Ferran, accompanied by different characters, leaves behind everything known to go and find the unknown. In this journey, shot as a sequence shot, he will wake up from a dream to enter the darkest part of his own soul.



Music Video 2020

"Presión" is a cry to the world, a cry to the wheel in which we are stuck without questioning it, a spit that comes out of your mouth and ends up on the sleeve of your shirt.
We wanted to represent all this whirlpool of things that happen to us every day, small things that are sometimes invisible, that trap us and don't let us leave the mold, based on a very simple idea: a treadmill.


Pale Moon

Music Video 2020

Framed in a dystopian world, "Stranger" works as a portrait of the moment in which a thing, that has always been like that, becomes something else. We can sometimes be more aware of others that of ourselves, and it is exactly when we take a look inside that magical things happen.

Generation of the Young Flesh

Carlota Flaneur

Music Video 2020

Generation of the young flesh represents a generation that has been born into a new world, in which new things are short-lived and cost nothing, and like things, people. With the great help of Ariadna Montfort we have translated these traumas into looped movements that, performed in front of large colored frames, help to stage the absurd theater in which society pushes us to play.